Personality & Communication


If you answer yes to any, some or all of the following, this retreat may be just right for you!​

  • Would you like to better understand your partner's perceptions and ways of thinking?

  • Do you often wish your partner could understand you better?

  • Do you wish you could communicate with your partner more calmly and get better results?

  • Do you wish you were better able to prevent conflict and misunderstandings in your relationship?

This retreat is an opportunity for couples to acquire an understanding of how personality preferences impact their communications and to develop useful skills to improve their communication. You will learn how to better interact with your partner on a daily basis and how to manage your emotions to enjoy a more meaningful relationship.  


The retreats begins on Friday evening and ends early Sunday evening. It includes accommodations, 5 meals, unlimited snacks, and a participant guide.

This retreat is suitable for all types of couples, regardless of age, age of relationship or partners' gender. Couples' retreats in groups are not recommended for couples whose relation is in jeopardy or who are currently experiencing traumatic events (please let us know if you would like to know more about this).


$1,789$ + HST per couple for a King or Large Queen Suite 3 available

$1,709$ + HST per couple for a Double Suite 1 available

$1,649$ + HST  per couple for a Double suite 'as extra' (only for a couple who can share the bathroom of another couple with whom they came)