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Overcoming Communication Obstacles

  • Do you sometimes get frustrated when trying to communicate with certain people? 

  • Are there people who make you lose your patience...and your communication effectiveness in the process?


This weekend retreat is an opportunity for anyone who would like to overcome communication challenges, especially when dealing with a specific "difficult person" or a type of people who "push their buttons". 

Find out what common communication breakdowns are, how to recognize when you are about to become an ineffective communicator, and develop ways to communicate better, even in the face of adversity, to obtain better results.

Choose between the basic workshop (total of 2.5 hours) or the intensive workshop (2 X 2-hours for a total of 4 hours of learning) versions. The intensive version generally includes more interactive exercises and may cover more topics.




Workshop costs must be added to your B&B stay as well as additional meals, if applicable.


Please contact us to get a quote based on your specific wishes.

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