To see our detailed menus (SELECTIONS AND PRICES), click on the underlined titles below.

BUFFET A buffet typically includes sandwiches, salads, side plates - with or without a hot soup. Min. 12 people - Max. 50 people.

GOURMET BUFFET  A gourmet buffet includes a choice of 2 appetizers which are served in platters on tables for all to share (hot and/or cold), a choice of  main course and a selection of dessert(s).  Our Gourmet Buffet option is a meal where guests proceed to a buffet table to be served their main course. It is NOT an “all-you-can-eat” buffet. Planned and served portions are generous but normal. We always make a bit more in case a few extra guests show up, which may allow a few guests to have seconds (which may be a bonus, but should not be expected). Min. 10 people - Max 50 people.

TABLE D'HÔTE DINNER The table d'hôte option is a served 3 course meal, including a choice of appetizers, main dishes and desserts.  For elaborate events such as weddings, we can add a course or appetizers for cocktail hour before dinner. Min. 8 people - Max 50 people.

COCKTAIL DINNER Cocktail dinners are long-winded dinners where a traditional meal is replaced by a series of bites and appetizers served through the evening and generally culminating either by a dessert buffet or an assortment of dessert bites.  The cocktail dinner option complements bar services and is only available in the evening. Min. 20 people - Max 50 people (65 with terrace).

KIDS' BIRTHDAY MENU. Different options are available for kids' birthdays. Min. $250 order - Max 50 people.

PUBLIC EVENTS MENU. Depending on the type of event, different types of menus are offered prior to public events or as part of an event (such as conference dinners). 

Don't see what you'd like on our menu? Doesn't mean we can't make it! Don't hesitate to make special requests!

  • We also offer a choice of birthday cakes, wedding cakes or other special event cakes.

  • We are a licensed facility.

3270 Barb Rd

Vankleek Hill, ON

K0B 1R0


TEL  613-818-8141

Wheelchair accessible !

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