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Living & Working Together

  • Would you like to take a break to take care of yourselves as life and business partners? 

  • Would you like your partner to better understand your way of working or dealing with business issues? 

  • Would you like to communicate more calmly and productively with your partner about your business?

  • Would you like to improve your ability to prevent conflict and misunderstandings when working with your partner?


This weekend retreat is an opportunity for couples who are in business together to explore their respective personalities, values and professional aspirations to appreciate their partnership's strengths and explore ways to rely on differences as complementary forces.  It's a chance to discover self and other, to dream and plan a harmonious and balanced common future. 

This retreat is suitable for all types of couples, regardless of age, age of relationship or partners' gender. Couples' retreats in groups are not recommended for couples whose relationship is in jeopardy or who are currently experiencing traumatic events (please let us know if you would like to know more about this).

Choose between the basic workshop (total of 2.5 hours) or the intensive workshop (2 X 2-hours for a total of 4 hours of learning) versions. The intensive version generally includes more interactive exercises and may cover more topics.




Workshop costs must be added to your B&B stay as well as additional meals, if applicable.


Please contact us to get a quote based on your specific wishes.

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