There are different types of coaching, depending on client needs and our own areas of specialization.

For information on our coaching approach and experience, please read our bios.

Coaching sessions usually last 55 minutes and take place in person at our offices or by Zoom meeting.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is designed to help clients achieve specific personal goals through enhanced self-awareness and understanding.  Personal goals may include improving self-management skills (e.g. stress management, time management, anger management, assertiveness) or interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, conflict resolution, sexual expression, etc.).


Both Ann and Ken offer life coaching.

Family Moments

Career Coaching

Career coaching is designed to help clients identify their career goals and develop career plans, by examining and reflecting on interests, values, experiences, needs, assets, ressources and possibilities. Assessment tools are often used in career coaching. Career coaching may also lead to the development of interviewing skills and other skills relevant to career progression or transition. 


Career coaching is one of Ann's coaching specialties.

Executives at Work

Managerial, Entrepreneurial & Leadership Coaching

These types of coaching focus on the development of technical, functional and soft skills of managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. As in all types of coaching, the aim is to help clients achieve their specific objectives.

In line with their unique work and career experience, Ann focuses on managerial & leadership coaching, while Ken focuses on entrepreneurial & leadership coaching. 

Business meeting
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